BIM training seminar at ENSTP

25 October 2022 webmaster Comments Off

BIM at the heart of discussions

This was the theme of a scientific seminar held on Tuesday January 17, 2023 at ENSTP’s Amphitheatre 100, attended by a large number of teachers and students.
The seminar, on the theme of “Building Information Modeling”, also known as BIM, was led by Pr Henry ABANDA from Oxford Brookes University in England. Participants were provided with tools on a number of points:

Advantages of BIM

– Minimizes errors in projects by enabling them to be better prepared;
– Automatically manages data;
– Promotes the concept of design and construction;
– Reduce time wasted in the design and modeling of construction, development and urban and regional planning projects;
– Rational control of specifications through the use of applications/software;
– Reduced project costs;
– Control and methodical monitoring of projects in progress;
– Promote work-learning (distance working).
– Promotes e-construction
– Perfect mastery of new design and modeling techniques.
– We need to invest more in BIM;
– BIM is the future;
– BIM applies to all fields.

Other participants :

– Pr NKENG George ELAMBO (Director – ENSTP)
– Dr BWEMBA Charles (Deputy Director – ENSTP)
Teachers and students
Pr Henry ABANDA in full explanation
A view of the power point
Dr FEUMO Achille, teacher at ENSTP